"Do you think he’ll come?" Derek hears Kira whisper to Scott across the cemetary. 

"I want to say yes but I don’t know Stiles anymore." Scott whispers back.
Stiles showed up in town the day before. He didn’t say anything just showed up at his old house. Derek knows Scott wants Stiles to show up, cry on his shoulder, to be the kid, the friend, the brother he once was. But Stiles isn’t that person anymore and Derek knows first hand how bad life experiences can change you. Paige, Kate and the fire changed Derek from the sweet innocent kid his family knew. Loosing Laura, finding Cora, becoming an Alpha and helping Scott be a better one then he ever could of been changed him again, made him a better person, the kind of person he likes to think his mom would be proud of.  
The nogitsune, the dead pool and loosing Lydia changed Stiles. He lost the glimmer in his eye. The spark that made him want to help, to save everyone. There was no telling how the death of his father would change Stiles but Derek wasn’t going to wait to find out. 
The house is dark and quiet even in the mid afternoon. All Derek can hear from inside it steady breathing and a heartbeat. Derek finds Stiles sitting on the floor in his room. It’s empty. Has been for a long time. Derek wants to sit beside him. To comfort him in some way but he doesn’t. He doesn’t know how Stiles will react and the funny thing is that’s exactly why he wouldn’t of done it with the old Stiles. Not everything changes after all. 
Stiles: “What are you doing here? Don’t you have a funeral to be at?” 
Derek: “I could ask you the same thing.” 
Stiles: “What’s the point?”
Derek: “He’s your father Stiles.”
Stiles: “Not going to his funeral doesn’t mean I don’t miss him.”
Stiles: “Could I have stopped it?” 
Derek: “Stiles…I…”
Stiles: “In your opinion If I hadn’t left would he still be alive?”
Derek: “I don’t know. Maybe. I know that’s not what you want to hear.”
Stiles: “It’s okay I have a feeling you’re not going to want to hear what I have to say either.”
Derek: “You’re not staying.”
Stiles: “I can’t. Not yet anyway.”
"Derek: "Where will you go?"
"Stiles: "I hear New York is the place to be for emotionally traumatized orphan’s. Maybe I’ll try there."
Derek: “I hated New York. So you’ll probably love it.”
Stiles: “Probably. It’s where my mom was from.”
Derek: “You’re not going to say goodbye to anyone else are you?”
Stiles: “I’m not saying goodbye to you sour wolf.”
Derek: “Then what are you saying.”
Stiles: “Keep taking care of them.”
Derek: “That was supposed to be your job.”
Stiles: “Yeah but you’re better at it.”

I did a thing maybe I'll finish it someday Sterek fanfic teen wolf stiles stilinski derek hale

I’m in a dark fic mood tonight. I kind of want to just go kill someone’s favourite character.

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The one where no one proposes

miserylovestheinternet Answer:


"So, she seemed really cute," Stiles comments as Derek tugs him down the corridor.

"Uh huh."

"And, I think she and Scott are maybe talking in a good way? Like, Scott got a ring!"

"I know, it’s our grandmother’s."

"Hey, why didn’t I get that one?"

Derek smirks, leans him up against the wall, “Jealous?”

"I, no—” Stiles twists and grabs Derek’s collar, “Oh my god, look! More babies!”

Derek leans over his shoulder, squeezes his hips tightly, “They are very… cute.”

"You want one?"

"Mhm," Derek buries his nose in the back of Stiles’ neck, "Yeah."

Stiles hisses, arches back into him, “Yeah, we can’t do that here.”

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