OMFG. Theres some rumor of Dylan playing the Blue Power Ranger in the new Power Rangers movie… NO PLEASE NO. Then I’ll have to watch it. I never liked The Power Rangers. Even as a kid. 

I loved the power rangers!!!!!! please let this be true!!!!!



Danny + The Infamous Ex

#tbh I am reblogging this entirely because I ship, #Danny/cute-ass Jungle bartender, #LOOK AT HOW SWEETLY CONCERNED HE IS, #LOOK AT HOW SAD HE IS TO SEE DANNY LOOKING AT HIS EX, #when Danny comes back home on a college break cute-ass Jungle bartender should take him on a nice date, #dinner somewhere that’s not too fancy, #dancing at a club where they can dance together instead of being separated by a bar, #a kiss goodnight that’s softer and sweeter than anything Danny is expecting, #SHOW HIM HOW WONDERFUL AND VALUABLE AND AMAZING HE IS CUTE-ASS JUNGLE BARTENDER, #DO IT FOR ALL OF US,

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I’m gonna need a scene in season five where they eventually end up visiting Peter in Eichen House for some reason, either because Derek just wants to check on him or because Peter is still a supernatural encyclopedia on legs and they need some answers they fail to find anywhere else, but Peter just


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